Sunday snippet, 6.16.19


From The Haunting of Heatherhurst Hall, a Gothic romance rife with horror and heartache, wherein an American heiress makes an ill-advised marriage to bring herself closer the woman who’s stolen her heart.


There remained a great resemblance between the Cranbrook siblings. The same raven-black hair, the same thick brows, the same sharp cheekbones and hawkish nose.

But Sir Vivian did not have his sister’s lips.

Kit withheld a wince as his thin, dry mouth pressed against hers. Any attempt on her part to encourage a deeper connection rolled off his lips like water off an oilskin. Still, he lingered. Seconds ticked past as the so-called kiss continued, uncomfortable, awkward, and, worst of all, boring.

At last Sir Vivian pulled away. Kit watched his face to discover what he thought of it. If his placid smile were any indication, he’d enjoyed it far more than she had

Kit, meanwhile, was still waiting to feel the spark of the love between husband and wife that would supersede any connexion she felt with another woman.

She waited in vain.


The Haunting of Heatherhurst Hall comes out July 1st, 2019! Pre-order today!

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