Sunday snippet, 12.9.18

From Throw His Heart Over, an equestrian-themed sequel to Mr Warren’s Profession.

Aubrey had toured the stables just once before, on his initial visit to the Wiltshire house, the very same occasion when Lindsey first proposed riding lessons. Now, Aubrey found them much the same as then; warm, bright, smelling of horseflesh and hay, full of handsome steeds and handsome grooms.

Over the course of his time with Lindsey, Aubrey had learnt that most households hired footmen on the basis of their height first, and their handsome features second, with capability forming a more distant third. Thus, he knew the presence of so many tall and well-formed young men in livery was not so unusual as he’d first supposed.

However, most households didn’t use the same hiring requirements for the grooms, or the gardeners, or any other place in the staff a man might fill.

Rowena, in her efforts to channel her brother’s interest, had.

And so every man in the Wiltshire house besides Aubrey stood over six feet tall and had, at the very least, extraordinarily symmetrical features, if not striking ones.

As such, Aubrey, with his small frame and his half-melted face, felt rather like an imp amongst angels. Any moment the grooms would realise he didn’t belong and swoop down upon him to toss him out of their Heaven.

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