Boston Public Library – now featuring Sebastian Nothwell!

All my books are now available at the Boston Public Library!

I cannot even begin to describe my elation. Getting my books into libraries has been a dream ever since I started writing. Libraries are a fantastic public resource (not just for books!) and a vital part of their communities. For my books to form even just a small part of that thrills me to my core.

And hey, did you know? If you have a Massachusetts zip code, you can get a digital Boston Public Library card and gain instant access to their entire digital collection! Check it out on the Libby app (another fave)!

Oak King Holly King – Deleted Scene

[This is the original version of the scene of the morning after Wren and Shrike perform the Samhain ritual. While steamy and fun, it felt redundant to have two love scenes back-to-back. You can read the rewritten scene in Oak King Holly King—available on AmazonApple BooksBarnes & NobleBookshop.orgKoboOverdriveSmashwords—and enjoy the original below.]


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Oak King Holly King – Cover Reveal!

At long last, the hour has arrived to reveal the cover art for Oak King Holly King!

Oak King Holly King is a gay Victorian fae romance, blending the genres of historical and fantasy to create a spellbinding adventure. It comes out February 14th, 2022, and you can preorder it on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo!

Shrike, the Butcher of Blackthorn, is a legendary warrior of the fae realms. When he wins a tournament in the Court of the Silver Wheel, its queen names him her Oak King – a figurehead destined to die in a ritual duel to invoke the change of seasons. Shrike is determined to survive. Even if it means he must put his heart as well as his life into a mere mortal’s hands.

Wren Lofthouse, a London clerk, has long ago resigned himself to a life of tedium and given up his fanciful dreams. When a medieval-looking brute arrives at his office to murmur of destiny, he’s inclined to think his old enemies are playing an elaborate prank. Still, he can’t help feeling intrigued by the bizarre-yet-handsome stranger and his fantastical ramblings, whose presence stirs up emotions Wren has tried to lock away in the withered husk of his heart.

As Shrike whisks Wren away to a world of Wild Hunts and arcane rites, Wren is freed from the repression of Victorian society. But both the fae and mortal realms prove treacherous to their growing bond. Wren and Shrike must fight side-by-side to see who will claim victory – Oak King or Holly King.

The cover was painted by Jan of Thistle Arts Studio. You’ve seen his work before on the cover redesign for Mr Warren’s Profession. He’s an immensely talented artist and a delight to work with. I was so excited to see his interpretation of our protagonists, Shrike and Wren, and I must say he exceeded expectations.

The cover design was done by Kelley of Sleepy Fox Studio. You’ve seen her work before on Mr Warren’s Profession, Hold Fast, and The Haunting of Heatherhurst Hall. Her eye for design is unparalleled and I’m always delighted with her work.

Without further ado, let’s see that cover!

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Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale!

Smashwords is having their site-wide Summer/Winter Sale – which includes all my books!

Now through July 31st, all of my books are 25% off. Click any of the book images above to be taken directly to the Smashwords sales page. It’s an exciting opportunity to complete your collection and snatch up romantic reads at a steal!

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