Sunday snippet, 3.10.19

From the first draft of The Dose Makes the Poison, an enemies-to-friends-to-lovers romance between a surgeon and a journalist, in the midst of a Gilded Age small town murder mystery.

“Well, it’s kind of a funny story. This fella—Alexis St. Martin—fur trapper up in Michigan territory about fifty or sixty years back—he takes an accidental shotgun blast to the gut.”

Dr. Hedgepeth paused in his speech, as if it had only just occurred to him most people might not consider a shotgun blast to the gut funny.

Throw His Heart Over is here at last!


Catch up with Aubrey & Lindsey with the equestrian sequel to Mr Warren’s Profession!

England, 1892

Sir Lindsey Althorp, spectacularly wealthy baronet, has sat in the saddle since the day he was breeched.

Aubrey Warren, threadbare telegraph boy turned engineer, has never ridden a horse in his life and had no intention of starting—until now.

When a portrait-painting holiday in the country provides an opportunity for riding, Lindsey is eager to teach Aubrey the ropes. Aubrey works to overcome his well-founded caution regarding large beasts of burden. Harder to dispel are his insecurities about his scarred body in the wake of the Rook Mill boiler explosion—particularly as these scars are put on display to model for the painting Icarus Fallen.

As the painting progresses, so do the riding lessons, until a potentially deadly accident may put a stop to both for good.

An equestrian-themed sequel to Mr Warren’s Profession by Sebastian Nothwell.

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Lindsey Althorp, the only son of a wealthy baronet, has never worked a day in his life. Aubrey Warren was born in a workhouse and hasn’t stopped working since.

When Lindsey wins a textile mill in a game of cards, he falls at first sight for the assistant clerk, Aubrey. Lindsey is certain that Aubrey is the Achilles to his Patroclus, the David to his Jonathan. Yet Aubrey, unaccustomed to affection, refuses to be a kept man—though he isn’t immune to Lindsey’s considerable charm.

Buoyed by Lindsey’s optimism and fuelled by Aubrey’s industry, the two men strive to overcome the class gulf between them. But a horrific accident reveals a betrayal that threatens to tear them apart forever.

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Morgan Turner, agent to the Winthrop estate, owes everything to his benefactor. When the late baronet’s will tasks him with finding the lost heir and making a gentleman of him, he is determined to succeed.

Thirteen years ago, Evelyn Winthrop ran away to sea. Now that his hated patriarch is dead, the ancestral home he returns to is more shadowed than what he left behind. Ungrateful relations and old friends alike tie a knot of scandal and depravity only a sailor could hope to unravel. And all the while, the siren song of the sea calls him to return at the first opportunity.

Neither anticipated forming more tender attachments.

To Evelyn, his unexpectedly handsome agent is the only thing anchoring him to shore. He sees a captain’s soul within Morgan, and his heart is caught upon the hook of command—if only Morgan would return his affections.

To Morgan, his new employer’s charms threaten to tear down the thorns that have grown around his heart—thorns he cultivated to restrain his unnatural instincts.

When the estate and all who live there are threatened by a maelstrom of bitter secrets and sinister plots, it is down to Morgan to take command, down to Evelyn to hold fast, and down to them both to navigate their own treacherous sea.

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Sunday snippet, 12.9.18

From Throw His Heart Over, an equestrian-themed sequel to Mr Warren’s Profession.

Aubrey had toured the stables just once before, on his initial visit to the Wiltshire house, the very same occasion when Lindsey first proposed riding lessons. Now, Aubrey found them much the same as then; warm, bright, smelling of horseflesh and hay, full of handsome steeds and handsome grooms.

Over the course of his time with Lindsey, Aubrey had learnt that most households hired footmen on the basis of their height first, and their handsome features second, with capability forming a more distant third. Thus, he knew the presence of so many tall and well-formed young men in livery was not so unusual as he’d first supposed.

However, most households didn’t use the same hiring requirements for the grooms, or the gardeners, or any other place in the staff a man might fill.

Rowena, in her efforts to channel her brother’s interest, had.

And so every man in the Wiltshire house besides Aubrey stood over six feet tall and had, at the very least, extraordinarily symmetrical features, if not striking ones.

As such, Aubrey, with his small frame and his half-melted face, felt rather like an imp amongst angels. Any moment the grooms would realise he didn’t belong and swoop down upon him to toss him out of their Heaven.

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Throw His Heart Over, draft 2 complete!

…at 55,000 words.

Throw His Heart Over is an equestrian upstairs-downstairs sequel to Mr Warren’s Profession. God willing and the creek don’t rise, it’ll come out February 14th, 2019.

With the second draft off to the beta readers, it’s time to dive back into The Dose Makes the Poison, a small town Gilded Age murder mystery with secret identities and enemies-to-friends-to-lovers.

Sunday snippet, 12.2.18

From the second draft of Throw His Heart Over, an equestrian upstairs-downstairs sequel to Mr Warren’s Profession.

“What a marvellous day for riding!”

The sound of Lindsey’s voice—so sudden and so clear—startled Aubrey out of his engineering reverie. He glanced up to find Lindsey had not only awoken, but risen from his bed, donned a robe, and crossed to the window to peer out at this unusually cloudless day.

More resplendent than the weather, to Aubrey at least, was the view of Lindsey himself. The silk robe hung off one shoulder, allowing a tantalising glimpse of his sweeping collarbone, his lean yet muscular chest, and his trim waist, with one jutting hipbone just visible before the robe’s belt tucked everything else out of sight. The morning sunshine glowed through his golden curls, his blue eyes sparkled like the sea, and his winning smile beamed right back at the sky.

“Don’t you think so?”

Aubrey, startled yet again out of a different yet no less compelling reverie, struggled to answer Lindsey’s question. “I wouldn’t know.”

Lindsey spun to regard him with a quizzical expression.

“I don’t ride,” Aubrey reminded him.

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